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by Ludwig Berger

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1959 19:59
TRANSLATION [Harp] - Ludwig (2012): „Mmm... no, it's fine, but the thing you did before with your nail, right? Only...“ - Harpist: „Ah, so only that...“ - Ludwig (1992): „Ludwig Berger... Helke Berger... Wilfried Berger... Johannes Berger“ - „2:01 Minutes“ [Steps] - „On... On... F... fifth... On the fifth... On the fifth of July 2006... 2006, at half past two, so...“ - Harpist: „Okay, once again. That will work.“ - „At the fifth of July 2006, at half past two, so five years before... „ [tongue-clicking] - Ludwig: „Tell me something!“
 - Helke: „I won't tell you anything. I'll go take a shower now.“
 - Ludwig: „It's funny how people change when they see a microphone or a video camera...“ - Helke: „I can't... – There I'm not natural at all –
I remember when we first chatted with you, when you were in Panama, that was dramatic, I –„ - Ludwig: „Really, even when we were chatting?“
 - Helke: „No, not chatting, with... with Microphone!“ - Ludwig: „Oh, I see!“
 - Helke: „Your dad said, please talk –
The first time when Ludwig –
When I chatted the first time, when Ludwig was in Panama –
I remember when we –„ [Construction noise] - Ludwig: „Hello?... Hello?“ - Isabella: „Hello!“
 - „Erfurt, 18th June 2012“ - Ludwig: „Hello!...Oh, come on!“ - Isabella: „What?“ - Ludwig: „No, I'm trying to call my dad, but...“
 - Isabella: „Are you not talking to me?“ - Ludwig: „Yes, also! The „hello“ was also directed at you. Dad had his examination in the hospital because of... [Telephone] - Wilfried: „Hello? Hello?“ - Johanens/Ludwig (1992): „We wish you a merry Christmas 1992 from Lobsann, from Ludwig and Johannes. Saint Nicolas, come fast. I'm well-behaved now. What will you bring me? Oh please, don't forget me!“ [Church bells] - „Lobsann, 1st of April 2012“ - Helke: „I won't tell you anything.“ - Ludwig (1994): „Two,Then three, Then four… Merry Christmas 1994.“ - „8:40…8:42…8:44“ - Ludwig (1994): I''ll now play with Mommy a piece for flute and piano.“ - „What's happening here?
I never liked it when my mother played the flute. So I'm looking for her voice.“ - Helke (1971): „Three, four…“ - Wilfried: „Turn a little bit back, so you can link better.“ - Ludwig: „Yes.“ - Helke (1971): „Three, four…“ [Fireworks] - „31.12.2011“ - Ludwig: „Dad?
Can you put on the light please? Dad?...Ah! Hmh!“
 - Wilfried: „Are you ready?“
 - Ludwig: „Yes, I will just record a little bit more.“ [Birds] - „10.2.2012… So nearly one year after my mother –“ - Wilfried: „Oh no... I'm coming!“ - Ludwig: „I can't get into my house... My Dad is still upstairs.“ - Wilfried: „One moment, I'm still upstairs! I'm coming, slowly.“ - Ludwig: „Slowly he's coming. Shortly he will be there.“ - Wilfried: „Shortly, Lu, shortly. Ayayay...“
 - Ludwig: „Why does he look himself in?“ - Wilfried: „Why am I looking my self in, why?!“
 - Ludwig: „Why?“ - Wilfried: „Yes, why? I'm afraid...“
 - Ludwig: „He's afraid.“
 - Wilfried: „...they are looking for me!“
 - Ludwig: They are looking for him! - Wilfried: „Such a stupid thing that i closed the door in the front and in the back!“ - Ludwig: „Such a stupid thing that he closed the door in the front and in the back! - Ludwig (2012): „Look, there you can see where i went to...“ [Doors] - „14:10... 14:12... 14:14... 14:16...14:18... 14:20... 14:22... 14:24... Exit.“ - 3 minutes 2 seconds“ [Water] - Ludwig (2006): „Tell me something...“
 - Ludwig (2012): „It's strange when you compare what you hear through the headphones and what you really hear here – the high frequencies are missing. You can feel them in your brain, but you can't really hear them.“ [Train] - Ludwig: „It's strange, but...“ - Helke (2006): „Oh, that was horrible!“ - Ludwig (2006): That's true, I also noticed that.“ - Helke: „When Ludwig was in Panama and we were chatting for the first time, I didn't know how to put the…“ - Anne: „You are recording that right now, aren't you?“ - Ludwig: „When you compare...“
 - Anne: „And what you do you see then?“ - Helke: „Tell me something!“ - Ludwig (2011): „Dad? Ah! Hmh!“ - Wilfried (2011): Are you ready?“ - Ludwig (2006): „Ah, you installed the hammock again“ - Helke (2006): „Yes but I'm not sure if its safe on the left side...“ - Ludwig (1992): „On the keyboard: Ludwig Berger, on the flute: Helke Berger“ - Ludwig (2006): „Tell me something!“ - Helke (2006): [Laughs] „I won't tell you anything.“ - Ludwig (2011): „Should we go on?“ - Wilfried (2011): Turn a little bit back, so you can link better. Yes.“ - Ludwig (1992): „On the accordion: Wilfried Berger, and on the drums: Johannes Berger“ - Harpist (whispering): „Okay, once again. That will work.“ - 19 minutes, 1 sec.... 19minutes, 5 sec....19 minutes, 9 sec.... 19 13...19:17h... 19:21h...19:25h...
19 29...1933...1933...1941...1945...1949...1953...
 - Wilfried (1992): We also have a little composer here in Lobsann, who composed a nice new piece, he calls it: - „1959“


Voices, harp, piano, flute, bells, electronics, cassettes, telephones, wind, house, village.

The piece sounds out the relationship between recording and remembering, between the fixed time of the medium and the fluent time of memory. Different scenes and reflections gel in an in a “theatre of the past that is constituted by memory” (Gaston Bachelard). The recordings were taken the past six years and the first eight years of my life. The work is dedicated to the memory of my mother (born 1959).


released January 11, 2012

Harp: Veronika Ehrensperger


all rights reserved



Ludwig Berger Zürich, Switzerland

deep maps
future perfects
japanese gardens
light intensities
time compresssions
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